When things go upside down

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When the second phase the project was launched in November 2017, we had everything figured out. Our budgets, plans, list of suppliers, and other less or more relevant aspects of project planning were all in the right order.

At least that was what we thought.

As we wanted to peacefully enjoy the festive break, we got back to our suppliers in December to confirm that everything is going accordingly to a plan. Once we were ready to pay the necessary deposits, we have then stumbled upon a rock. A bleak, hard, rock – the pre-Brexit Brexit. And essentially, everything went upside down.

It has turned out that within a period of a few months the van hire company has changed their insurance policy and the insurance no longer covered the EU travel, but UK mainland only. We can only presume that this deliberate action was put in place by the havoc caused by our current not-so-pretty, socio-political situation caused by… Well… Brexit. And companies like the one we were going to use for our van trip did what was necessary to remain stable, in a very unstable market. No grief – we stayed friends.

Rob did some digging, as that’s what Rob does best, and searched for a suitable vehicle hire company so we could continue with our planned artistic endeavor. Bingo. A company was found.

We are currently in the very last stages of the hire liaison, and ready to load the tonne of salt. However, this did not come without a price to pay. We had to postpone our venture and the trip will now take place in June this year.

When Rob and I originally planned the trip we were aiming for an unstable March type of Polish weather. Melted snow, grey roads, a little bit of dirt here and there – driving through the Polish towns in a dirty builder’s van. However, we can only hope that the blasting heat of Polish summer in a no air-conditioned vehicle will generate a similar level of dramaturgy. Poor Rob.






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