By opening the East-West dialogue in the pilot project, ‘The Van Trip’, has created an opportunity to further research and explore the dual dimension of the From East to West with Love project. In March 2018, the project will migrate to Poland in the form of a long durational performance.

In this far-reaching, transient performance, we will witness artists undertake the transportation of a large quantity of bread and salt on the builder’s open back vehicle from Coventry, United Kingdom to Łódź, Poland. For the duration of this 2106 mile round journey, Rob Hamp (driver) will play host to a film-maker who will document and live feed the voyage to the global audience through different social media platforms.

The Van Trip will invite artists and participants who took part in Phase One to perform the loading of the van with salt in Coventry before it sets off. This outward bound journey crossing borders, boundaries and undoing the framework of state lines will be captured on film, stills and in the written form. The conversations within the confined space of the vehicle over many hours and unstaged interviews with accidental members of the public at stop-offs for fuel and subsistence will be recorded. Little more is known of what will ensue, but on arrival, the safely delivered consignment of salt will be transferred into the gallery space by the people of Łódź for all to see. This reportage style performance will take place over 5 days and the performance will only be concluded once the unloaded ‘product’ is safely stowed in Punkt Odbioru Sztuki, a Łódź based art gallery.


Communication is an integral part of the artwork itself which is focused on cultivating a dialogue and space for challenging the current socio-political happenings and trends.  We use social platforms in order to produce the work and engage with our international audience.

We do not see the process as a separate part of work. The process is the key aspect in creating and for this reason we want to keep you involved and informed about every fundamental change and development in the project.     

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