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It is with great pleasure we introduce you to Ivan Petkov who is our new content creator and a filmmaker that will join Rob Hamp during the Van Trip to Poland.

Ivan, who is a photographer, animator, videographer and a passionate Instagrammer and YouTuber, will keep you posted on our social media channels on the progress of the journey from the 7th of June until the very end when the van finally arrives at Punkt Odbioru Sztuki in Lodz, Poland.

Ivan came to Coventry, England three years ago, to develop his skills and study photography at Coventry University. Since ‘migrating’ from his country of birth, Bulgaria, Ivan’s perception and understanding of ‘home’ have majorly changed. He describes himself as an explorer and traveler rather than an immigrant.

For his final photography project at the university, he traveled to Indonesia to research how we understand ‘a place’ from an outsiders perspective. For this reason, during his travel, he documented different areas of Indonesia to illustrate how social and economic development impacts the community and the environment that they live in.

You will have an opportunity to see Ivan’s work at the Perspective Exhibition, (16th-25th May) just before he takes off for the Van trip!


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A post shared by Enjoy my vision. (@ivan_petkov) on


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