From East to West with Love (FETWWL) is a series of not-for-profit, projects originated in Coventry (UK) led by contemporary artists Emilia Moniszko and Rob Hamp. FETWWL uses exhibitions, performances, public discussions (both online and offline) and collaborations as a platform to engage with their audiences. This platform is used to create opportunities to connect with arts professionals, academics and the local cultural community in learning, engaging, questioning and identifying with the current changes in culture. It also addresses the opportunities that Eastern and Western European mobility provides for the cultural and creative industries.

Who is doing what? Is it enough, and what could we do given the fragmented and embattled state of contemporary Europe?

FETWWL is influenced by the migrational influx of communities from Eastern and Central Europe into the UK that requires cultural representation, along with mechanisms allowing for integration with other local communities which already exist within cities that understand themselves through their cultural diversity. Through FETWWL we continuously embrace dialogue and engage audiences across all cultures on the subject of the reality of cultural diversity, breaking through the apathy and scepticism following the political decline of ‘multiculturalism. Communication between the East and West takes place on many different strands encapsulating all areas of society. Within current political affairs it has become important to reflect on the connections and support mechanisms between countries and cultures across Europe. However, there remains a huge amount of confusion and a lack of strategic action on the part of cultural and civil societies. Who is doing what? Is it enough, and what could we do given the fragmented and embattled state of contemporary Europe? With the rise in the numbers of Eastern European artists living and practising in the City, the region and across England, it is important that they are represented and that a public cognisance of that representation will be experienced in an open, creative and non-threatening way. This will allow for frank exchanges and for the younger generation to consider a future of cultural possibilities through diverse exchange, interconnection, and cultural relations mechanisms. How can we work together and combine resources? How can Eastern European artists serve to increase our knowledge and understanding of contemporary culture across the continent? The positive assertion of difference will change the self-understanding and portrayal of such communities in the city.



Coventry at the heart of experimental contemporary arts in Britain by delivering the highest quality of performance art and happenings that are intransigent with the uncertainty and discrimination that results from the current political climate in the majority of European countries.


European artists, cultural agents and the general public in order to contribute to the positive image of Europe. This will be achieved by creating a communications strategy focused on utilising social media sites as the main channel of distributing information and updates about the project.


a range of audiences from different backgrounds in order to release the segregation of the migrant community. For this reason, we will be contacting different community-focused organisations and faith groups in Coventry and the region to support us to share the information about our programme.


volunteering opportunities in curation, communication and event coordination positions open to anyone willing to gain new skills or develop already existing ones. We will also create networking opportunities for local arts practitioners and students from all local Universities through events and workshops. This should allow us to cultivate the attention of students and motivate them to take their own initiative in an organisation of similar events and projects in the future.


documentation of each element and event in order to provide material that could contribute to Coventry's new vision as well as arts and cultural strategy working to add European migration and Eastern European cultural relations to the city's cultural policy capabilities.


strong relationships between cultural agents and arts facilitators in Coventry and Lodz in order to create culturally twined cities. This city twinning will be achieved by working with artists, galleries, and other not-for-profits in order to initiate a cultural dialogue that would act to embrace the cultural values that challenge the contemporary political and economical as well as cultural affairs in Europe.